House of India (Bharat Bhawan - Casa da Índia) is an initiative by the group of citizens to create awareness more about India and its relations with the outside, mainly in the Indian diasporas existing in Portugal, a population of around 100 000 residents.

The House-of-India seeks to fasten ties between two countries based on culture in its broadest sense. Because culture encompasses strands as diverse as society or politics, religion or economics, scientific research or art, sport or paintings.

The House-of-India a non-profit and non-religious apolitical association that intends to develop cultural, academic and scientific cooperation between the South Asian populations in Portugal and India, as well as in the Portuguese-speaking community.

Knowing India is an ambitious goal, because it predicates its multiple dimensions of diversity and plurality that the name of the country stands for. The diplomatic and strategic positioning of Portugal as the gateway of Europe and Africa, and as a privileged interlocutor between peoples that cross the Atlantic and Indian Oceans which makes this association and its objectives a unique institution to promote programs, projects and initiatives aimed at the approximation of these peoples and their knowledge in the construction of prosperous and cosmopolitan societies.

House-of-India is taken into account the values ​​of tolerance, commitment and fraternity among peoples.

House-of-India intends to play an active role in Indian and Portuguese societies, through initiatives such as lectures, conferences, courses, exhibitions, film shows and feasts.

House-of-India is an open institution in the sense that the doors and windows of this house are always open to welcome people, ideas, opinions, trends etc.

House-of-India well comes all the people and projects that share this vision and mission.